Thursday, September 6, 2007


So we took Vance to the D-backs game and he was so funny! He had so much fun and he would copy every move the players made! He would swing his imaginary bat and fake throw a base ball! It was really cute, so we figured we better take him out and really let him play! He has amazed us with every other sport, so why not baseball! If he ever leans to talk, he might make mom and dad some money someday! LOL. He totally could hit the ball and he loved
pitching to dad!

Bragan just sat in his stoller and was miserable in the heat! he did look pretty cute though!

Then we went to the indoor batting cages so he could see their daddy hit, and he could learn a few more things! we had a ton of fun!


dan and ashley said...

cute it's sad how big he is :(

Shums said...

that is quite amazing! so cute, he's gonna be a stud!

Derrick and Laurice said...

That's awesome that he hit the ball and is so into it...Camden is a little small for baseball but he has started kicking a soccer ball around the house.


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