Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tybee Island!

Today we went took the boys to the beach and we had a total blast! I thought that it might be a little
ul but it wasn't at all! We all had so much fun and the weather was amazing! The ocean was so warm! I am not used to that because I am used to California beaches! Vance loved swimming and playing in the sand! Brogan was content just eating the sand! Vance kept following around this old man in spandex and I had to keep dragging him away from him! It was funny, but weird! we stayed out there long enough to watch a storm role in and it was pretty awesome! After the beach we went to Bonaventure Cemetery. It was so creepy! It is where they filmed the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". It is pretty famous! Tonight Ben took me out with out the kids and it was needed! We went to Paula Dean's world famous "ladie and Sons" It was delicious!


RegaNater said...

Hey , I was just reading the poop story, are you kidding me? That is so funny/crazy. Your kids are crack ups!

dan and ashley said...

why is brogan so cute

Shums said...

serously the pic of brogan eating sand is classic!

Brittney said...

How fun!!! It looks absolutely beautiful there. I am jealous, I want to go the beach. Can I just say EW!!! to you for how cute and skinny you are! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip.

Cobb Crew said...

AHHHHH......such cute pics......I hate the beach, especially sand, but it looks so pretty in pics...LOL!


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