Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We made it to savannah!

My favorite road in Savannah!
After a long day of flying, (2 layovers in Denver and Charlotte) we finally made it to Savannah GA! We came to visit Ben's family and what a trip it has all ready been! Ben is out helping his brother move so I figured I might as well start blogging, so that I don't have as much to do when I get home! I was completley suprised how easy that taveling was! The boys were really good! As long as we kept shoving food down their throats, the were totally happy! Today we started with Vance falling off hte rope swing and scraping up his back, and then we went and saw the biggest oak tree in the world! It is
huge! After that, we just kind of went on some nature walks through a plantation. I am not normally a nature walk kind of girl, but it is just so beautiful here that you can't refuse! It is like a totally opposite world from AZ! I absolutly love it here! It is hot and humid, but I kind of don't notice much! I think we are going to the beach tomorrow so I will probally be posting again soon!


~The Kunzlers~ said...

Freakin' Georgia~ ahhaha. Just kidding Ben. Its beautiful Really~~~

Anonymous said... time I am going with you....gorgeous....I want to move....tell Ben to bring back a realty magazine!


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