Thursday, September 20, 2007

It is not even funny anymore!

Okay, I know what everyone is thinking... "Why doesn't she watch her kids?" I promise I do! Just when I think that I have everything put out of Vance's reach, he seems to surprise me! He now pushes chairs up to the counter to climb up and get into things! This is Baby formula AGAIN! It is always right after I have just cleaned my house! I swear it only takes 2 seconds of him being alone to destroy something new! I promise this will be the last time! He got pretty much a world record time out after this little trick! I don't understand why he loves to dump everything on Brogan! I guess I am just lucky that it was nothing toxic!


Shums said...

his poor eye, at least now you don't have to feed him! he can just lick it off the floor!

Rebecca said...

Because I don't yet have children of my own AND because it's not MY floor covered in formula, I can say that this is really stinkin' hilarius. And, Posey- if it makes you feel any better- your kids can't be that bad because even after hearing all of your horror stories and seeing them in action last weekend- they only made me want a few of my own.

dan and ashley said...

makes you wonder what our older siblings did to us huh?!


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