Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tagged my Sonia! (thanks)

This takes way too much thought, but here goes:
A- Age- 23
B- Bed size- Queen
C- Chore you Hate- mopping
D- Desert you love- shaved ice ( if that counts)
E- Essential start of your day- EAT
F- Favorite music- Instrumental piano
G- Gold or Silver? - Silver
H- hobbies? Photography, video editing, sewing
I- Instruments you play- Name it and I have played it at one point in my life!
J- Job Title- Used to be a hair stylist, now I am just a mom and wife!
K- Kid(s)- Vance turner & Brogan Benjamin!
L- Living Arrangments- 3 bedroom home
M- Favorite Month- July (my birthday!)
N- Nicknames- I supose, Lizzy, bethy sue
O- Overnight hospital stay other than giving birth- Too many to name
P- Phobias- Spiders and anything happening to my kids!
Q- Quote(s)- don't knock it till you've tried it!
R- Right or Left Handed- Right
S- Siblings- 4 Brothers
T- Tatoos- 0
U- Unique Talent- Clogging
V- Vegetable you hat - green beans
W - Worst habit? biting nails and twirling yarn. (those who know me know what i'm talking about)
X- x rays you've had? once again... too many to name
Y- Yummy food you make- Brunswick stew and and chicken pop pie
Z- Zodiac Sign- LEO
Tag: I am not going to tag anyone! Yes your are welcome! LOL

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