Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jillian's Birthday Party!

We drove from Savannah to Statesborough to take Vance to his cousins 4th birthday party! It was a pony pool party! Vance had a blast swimming will all the other kids! Brogan kept busy sticking his
face into a balloon the WHOLE time! Jillian is so stinkin' cute! She just turned 4 but she wears size 12 months on the bottom! She is teeny tiny! I love getting to spend time with our nieces because it is a nice change of scenery! I love my boys to death but it is fun to be around girls for a while! Alexis loves to hold Brogan! It is pretty funny because it seriously looks like he weighs more than her!


Derrick and Laurice said...

Boys are easier though....at least I think. I have a picture just like that one of Brogan with Camdens cousin holding him she is sitting down because he really does weigh more than her....it's funny how girls are drawn to babies even when they are little.

Shums said...

yeah, im glad to have a boy 1st! but girls are cute... when are you coming home? your vacation sounds fun, where in LA are you gonna be staying?


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