Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hair product anyone?

Vance took it upon himself to "do" his and Brogan's hair! I have washed their hair 7 times and it is still not out! It is rusk pomade! this is the 2nd time! just when I think I have it hidden, he finds it!


Brittney said...

Hey Posey does that hold really well? Where do you get it? I need something strong for my hubbie and sons hair and cant find anything i like yet. Are you so excited for the movie to come out? How exciting for you though.

dan and ashley said...

he did his own hair pretty good! have you gotten to see the movie yet?

Jami said...

Now that you've spent so much time with your new bff jen garner, I hope you can still find time for your dear old aunt:)


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