Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anything for attention

Vance just loves making us laugh. He is continuously trying everyhting he can to keep us smiling. He is a little smarty pants. The other day I woke up and he had spilt Cheerios all over the floor. I told him that he was in trouble and he said "Mom, why don't you lock the pantry so I can't get into it." Ok Vance, Maybe I will. It's not a good feeling when my 4 year old is telling me how tho be a better mother! He also keeps telling me that I should wear dresses more so i can look like a princess. I think this is because I made him watch Enchanted with me. He loved it except for any part where they sang about "True loves kiss" then he just closed his eyes and said, "this part is stupid. I just love having him in my life!
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