Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pregnacy Shmegnancy

What the heck... Thia Pregnanacy has been so different from my first 2! My first to were nothing alike, but this one is not like either one! I am so moody and emotional. If ben looks at me the wrong way I seriuolsy can't take it. My boys are slowly learning not to mess with me. Why must we fell so down in the dumps?

I really am not convinced that there is one kid in there! With Brogan I did NOT show until 6 months and I swear I am showing at 12 weeks! Not cool!

I have to eat all the time! I am so hungry and when I have a craving.... I want it now. If I go more than 2 hours with out eating I am so sick! Maybe this is why I am showing at 12 weeks. ;) I hope things start to change as I start this 2nd trimester. If not, this will be a VERY long 9 months~

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Macy said...

Oh, I know that pregnancy is not the easiest, and the first 12 weeks, and the last 12 weeks seem to be the yuckiest of it all, but give yourself some credit! Of course you might be showing all ready, you've got no chub to hide it under! Hope you feel better :D


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