Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally got to meet Jaylee!

It is sad when you move away because you miss out on a lot. My Friend Ashley had her baby girl a week after I left so I didn't get to meet her until she was nearly 3 months. Alt least I finally got to see her while I was in AZ. She is a cute little thing. I love seeing babies right now because it makes me so excited to have one this year! Congrats to the Mascorro's on their new additon. I can't wait to see Jaylee again. Hopefully it wont be too long! I snapped a couple of "make due" pics of her one her couch. They turnded out so cute! She is precious!

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Kim Snyder said...

Hi Posey Sweetheart - I follow your blog so please include me in your mailings and posts. So glad that you got to visit home. I used to love that so much when I lived In Fort Worth - just never enough time and I wished everyone lived minutes and not miles apart! So eager to know boy or girl?!?! You beautiful and happy. Think about you all the time so please stay in touch. Drew's been in Paris and New York. Nena getting her learner's permit. I'm volunteering at the Botanical Gardens and following Drew, Nena, and Emma Dog around life. sending love to you and all three of your boys!/ kim

jaymee sirrine said...

Hey Posey, this is Jessica's sister Jaymee. I love looking at your blog! Your kids are so cute and I love your photography. My email address is

Sheri said...

Add me too! It's always fun to see what you and your cute family are up to! :)

Chad, Caren and Christopher said...

You are an amazing photographer!


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