Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grounds for divorce......haha

Long story short.. I was so sick of people telling me that I have a cute little girl! Even when he is decked out in the BOYEST clothes, people still thought he was a girl. It is a little sad because I think the cut made him look 3 years older but I am sure Ben will make me grow it long again. When Ben got home from work, he would not even comment on it because he was mad that I cut it. We had been arguing about cutting it for like a year! I likes the curls and I like the clean cut!
Fake Cheese!
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dan and ashley said...

i seriously thought you posted a pic of vance in the after.....

Alison said...

He looks like that little boy in that movie about the girl who plays the cello and the Irish guy in the band who had the baby and the Dad put it up for adoption and told her the baby died. Can't remeber the name, but he looks just like that boy. Weird.


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