Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

I found my new favorite place in Fort Wayne! We have a zoo a couple minutes from my house and it is so awesome for the boys! I got a Zoo pass so I am sure I will be there all summer! I went 2 times last week and the weather was so beautiful. I never wanted to leave. It is so perfect because it wears them out and helps them go to bed early! :) There are so many fun animals and you can get so close to them. I might actually just be used to the PHX Zoo that I always hated going to because You had to walk a ton and rarely got to see the animals. I love to continue to find new fun things to do here in Indiana. Vance loves the Goats and the "Pumas" (thanks Diego) and Brogan LOVES ALL tha monkeys. I think Bro was a monkey in another life. He actually has a monkey shirt that I had to buy 2 of because he wants to wear it EVERYday!
Bro Bro tired himself out by playing on the cute litte choo choo..... He's a faker

I don't even think that e can see anything in this but he loves it!

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