Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Main Event!!!!

My Sister N Law Heather decided to catch us all off gaurd and get married in Vegas! Luckily, she found an awesome man, so we couldn't be happier for her. They are such a perfect couple and we all new that this was the guy for her so we are so thrilled to welcome Ben Tuinei into the family. Well, just because we were not at the wedding didn't mean we would let her get away with not having a party with yummy food and family fun. I am so lucky that I was able to fly from from IN to attend her shower. Alison was the host and she did an amazing job. The food was FANTASTIC! I think I had about 8 plates when all was said and done. (lay off me, I'm starving) I am so lucky to have Heather as a sister and I am so happy for her. I know that she will be the best little wife and keep her man so happy! I can't to fly back in a year and attend her sealing. As for her man Ben.... well he better continue to treat her well or else..... JK he's awseome so we don't have to worry about that!
Heather and Some of her friends
Heather, Ali and their Mama! Cute
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kiss my grits said...

May I kindly request that you replace the shot where I look like a demon with space-ship boobs? Other than that, i love you!

Thank you kindly


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