Monday, April 13, 2009

The Baskets/Buckets

I let the boys pick the baskets that they wanted to leave out for the Easter Bunny and of coarse they choose the smallest little buckets! How is the "bunny" supposed to work with that? Vance couldn't really understand what the Easter Bunny actually does. I told him he brings "treats" and so he kept saying things like "The Easter Bunny is going to bring me a bike" and "The Easter Bunny is going to bring me a swimming pool". I was a little worried that He was going to wake up Easter morning and be extremely disappointed! Well, I was wrong... He was so excited when he saw his little pile of gifts. He has been asking for a Red Georgia Football jersey because all of his are black. I don't think I have ever seen him so happy as when he saw that jersey! Of coarse Brogan was just so happy about all of his gifts too. Our kids don't really eat candy, so we only gave them 2 eggs with M&M's in it. I know.... Lame parents... I just cant deal with the sugar rushes!
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